Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hope, Faith, and Unimaginable Grief

A beautiful, amazing friend of mine lost her husband this week. She has always had such a love of the Lord, and an unwavering faith. Here is the statement she wrote for a local news report on her husband's passing. It will change you.

God is my ultimate Provider, Jehovah-jireh is His name; one of the many ways
He has provided for me was by giving me Kevin Mose Weiss.

At approximately the age of 12, I met Kevin Mose at AWANA Club. The
mission of AWANA is to help "churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love, and serve God." Kevin’s nickname at our AWANA Club was, “Monkey Boy”. A couple of my friends and I had a crush on him. I guess you could say in the end, I won.

Our first date was at Lake Geneva Raceway. I was watching him use his skills on the track. He did well; he made it to the final race. His car got bumped, and the front right wheel ended up climbing the wall. His Toyota Celica flipped upside down, and screeched across the track. My heart sank, and I feared for his life. But in typical Kevin Mose fashion, he got out of his racecar and waved to the audience.

In the beginning of our relationship, while having a serious conversation, he asked me what I thought was the purpose to life. I said, “To glorify God.” He told me, “No; the purpose of life is to tell others about Jesus.” That is when I fell in love with him. One may read that and think why didn’t he become a preacher or an evangelist? That was not his style; God gave him different kinds of gifts. Kevin Mose believed strongly that it was what you actually did for people that would show them the love of Jesus. According to Mose, the way you showed people your faith in God was to truly be there for them and meet their needs. There are numerous examples I could give you of how he lived out his faith, including: giving to local needy people he would meet along his way, helping people stranded on the side of the road with broken vehicles, aiding friends at all hours on whatever project that needed to be accomplished, having an open door policy to visitors, fixing bikes for neighborhood children, teaching others, and engaging in real conversations with people. He was a brother to the brotherless; a friend to the friendless; and Lucas and Susie are not the only ones who lost their father figure in this tragedy.

I could tell you about how attractive, masculine, and just plain awesome he was. I could tell you about how tender-hearted he was under his rough exterior. I could tell you about how intelligent and clever he was. I could tell you about how safe and protected he made me feel. I could tell you about how much fun it was to be around him.

But you will fail to see the whole picture of Kevin Mose Weiss if you do not recognize why he lived the way he did. He was an Apache pilot to remove evil from this world; he was faithful to his wife so that his children had a picture of what God meant the family to be; he loved and taught his children so as to train them up in the way they should go; and he interacted with people the way he did so that they would experience the love of Jesus, not just hear about it.

The LORD gave; He gave me a lover, a provider, and an amazing father for my children. And now the LORD hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD. May the Lord Jesus forever receive all the glory for the life of Kevin Mose Weiss.

Written by Bethany Weiss 

Monday, October 19, 2015


A lot of people think Facebook is dangerous for many different reasons, but for me Facebook is is dangerous because it sets my anxiety and insecurities on fire! This is what I learned scrolling through my feed today:

Homeschooling is the only way to go
Public schools are stressing out our kids
Spoiling your kids will mess them up
Not giving your kids enough attention will mess them up
Im not a good Christian if I follow certain people
Everything I eat is going to kill me and my family
Stay at home moms are the devil
Working moms are the devil
All the issues my daughter will have as a teenager
ADHD medications are the dvil
Not giving my ADHD child meds is akin to child abuse
Im not disciplining my child well enough
Im yelling at my child too much
Im not working out a enough
Im too old to wear whatever I'm wearing
All my political beliefs are wrong
How to prevent suicide
Vaccines are killing my child
Vaccines are the only way to save my child

Is it any wonder that we are such an anxiety ridden society? Is it any wonder that if I start my day looking through my newsfeed and am grumpy and stressed all day? I would love to go back to the days of less articles and more keeping in touch with my friends and family.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book Review: the Oaks Remain by: Julia J Gibbs

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! In a generation so far separated from the struggles of the New Testament, Ms. Gibbs creates a world that young adults can relate to, and suffers the same struggles. In the vein of “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”, the story takes us into a dystopian society, where the people are separated in two races, the Simulacrum and the Friguscor. The Simulacrum, a race whose blood protects them, and the Friguscor, who begin dying and decaying from the moment of birth. While they live in the same world, The Simulacrum stay hidden in plain sight, as history has shown great atrocities against them by the Friguscors. When Veralee Harper breaks one of the most sacred laws created by The Simulacrum for their protection, her entire understanding of her people and their beliefs come into question. If there is a chance that the Friguscor can be saved, is it worth the risk? Thus begins an internal battle similar to that faced by the Jews who believed Christ was the Savior and those who did not. Veralee begins to realize that blindly following the ancient traditions and laws will not save them for the Friguscor. And as war approaches, those who follow the law will stop at nothing to follow it

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do We Know Too Much?

Lately I am finding that after spending time on social media, Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever it may be, my anxiety level has jumped. I started really thinking about this and wondering if we just know too much.

30 years ago, when our parents were parenting, they weren't constantly bombarded with different articles and opinions on how they should be doing it or whether they are screwing up their kids doing things a certain way. They had friends and family whom they actually talked to. They didn't feel constantly judged because only they knew what went on in their own homes. Unless their was some major food recall on the news, they weren't being told how everything they choose to eat, drink or feed their kids was going to kill them. And yet somehow we survived?

And maybe worst of all, they weren't subjected to the sudden bravado of people hiding behind a keyboard. Some saying the most hideous and ugly things that they would never say to a persons face. Constant political articles on polarizing topics where you and your friends judge each other based on individual opinions on a given issue. Not only that but berating and personally attacking each other based on these opinions. Gone are the days of having a civilized argument over an issue, listening to each other, and respecting each others opinions.

I just honestly feel like we know too much. I love Facebook. Being a military wife it allows me to keep up with my friends and family whom are spread out all over the world. But all the other things in between that, have me anxiety ridden. When I really think about the things that stress me out, and can follow them back to an article I read or a comment someone made. What would I have been like 30 years ago, before the social media explosion, without everyone else's opinions of how I should eat, live, believe, or vote swimming around in my head. Without all the negativity.

I'm not saying their isn't an upside to some of the things we learn though social media, but I think we have to be careful how much we rely on it to form who we are and how we live.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Utah....

With all the crazy drama going on in our country, and therefore my life, I have been struggling to think about anything else. Then for some reason my engagement popped into my head. I always meant to write the story down for my children, but I never did. Now I'm wondering how much I remember. Opps. I'm gonna give it a go, and get some writing practice at the same time. Go me!

The story really starts a year before he proposed. We decided to go camping in Zion National Park in Utah. It is one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet, just amazing. Well, let's just say by the end of the trip we were barely speaking. Couple of days later, we broke up. Khan! Luckily, it was only for a very short time, but after that I was very nervous about being too needy or seeming desperate to get married. I wanted to, but I wasn't really in a rush, besides the fact that I was a bridesmaid in 3 weddings that year. I just wanted to know it could happen.

Fast forward to the next summer. Things are good, we're happy and then he starts acting weird. I'm a woman so of course I notice even the smallest behavior change. First, he suddenly isn't as available to do anything, always having other plans. And it was weird things like, I have to go shopping for tents. Alrighty. Then we have this amazing night at the Paris Hotel in Vegas(did I mention we lived in Vegas, I didn't think so). We had dinner at an amazing buffet and then went to ride up to the top of the mini Eiffel tower. So we are standing there, its all romantic like, and we get into this weird relationship conversation where he ends up telling me that he thinks it will be a really long time before he even considers getting married. After I recovered from that punch in the gut, I acted (poorly) like that was totally cool with me. Between that, and the seeing less of each other, i was positive a break up was immanent. I know that's a lot of back story, but it explains my state of mind at the time. Basically angry, paranoid, and a whole lot of crazy.

We decide to try another camping trip at Zion, I'm nervous, but ok, why not. The plan was to visit his parents and then head out. The night before we leave we go to my parents house for dinner. Its weird, my mother is weepy, but I cant figure out why. We get to his parents and the weird starts again. He is still making plans for the trip and getting all angry and frustrated. I sit down with his Mom and sister and tell them that I think we are gonna cancel the trip, its making Erik to nuts. The immediately start giving me a ton of reasons why we had to go. That should have been a clue, but I just thought they were trying to be supportive. When we packed up the truck to leave, his mother hugged me for a really long time, and was all weepy. Weird, but whatever.

We finally arrive at Zion, and I honestly don't remember much about our first day there. The next day we are going to tackle Angel's Landing, one of the longest and hardest hikes there. It was awesome, and beautiful, but my husband was moving so fast I could barely keep up. I'm getting angry and I keep asking him to slow down, but he doesn't. Fine, so I stop complaining and just stew in my juices. We get to a place called Scout's Lookout which is almost at the top. The rest of the way up is basically a chain on a steep mountain. I start to lose my nerve.That hike is not for the squeamish. I'm not afraid of heights, but I am afraid my clumsy self will fumble and fall a gazillion feet down the mountain. We decide to stop there and have lunch.

I sit down,  hot sweaty mess while he gets the food out of the bag. He starts handing me things and I'm barely paying attention. He says my name and I turn around. I'm confused, where is my sandwich? Instead has a box, and says, "Will you? " I have never been so stunned in my entire life up till then or since. I had no clue what was happening, and that certainly was not on my radar after the last few weeks. I was seriously, so lost and confused I wasn't talking. Once I managed to get myself together, I noticed he looked kinda freaked out. I said yes, but he still looked freaked. That's because I must have thought it, but not said it out loud. He told me after that I was quiet for so long he was panicking a little. Then, of course, I managed to day yes out loud. It was amazing. The coolest part was on the hike back down he told me how he had been planning this for months, even asking my parents for permission and telling all my friends. Everyone knew before I did. Ah..now all the weird started to make sense. The fact that with all those people knowing he still managing to keep it a secret, was shocking. The whole conversation at the Paris was to throw me off...mission accomplished!


November is Adoption Awareness Month and in honor of this my friend Marcy over at http://nomaybebaby.blogspot.com is inviting guest bloggers to write about their adoption experience! As you know, I am very new to blogging, and my blog's purpose changes pretty regularly, but adoption is always close to my heart. I love to share my story to anyone who will listen, in hopes of taking the mystery out of the experience and to help anyone who has questions as they are going through this experience! Im so excited to participate, thanks Marcy! Head over to No Maybe Baby and check her out!

No Maybe Baby

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello, my name is Brandi, and my child is Spirited - HELP!

"The word that distinguishes spirited children for other children is more. They are normal children who are more intense, persistent, sensitive, perceptive, and uncomfortable with change than other children" - Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

HOW DID SHE KNOW!!!! I started reading "How to Raise Your Spirited Child" on a recommendation from a friend. At this point, I feel like the worlds worst parent since I cannot seem to control my daughter. As such, I must be a failure as a parent, because no one else I know has the issues I have.

I actually cried when I read the first chapter, which described my sweet girl to a tee! Energetic, Intense, and especially uncomfortable with change. There are actually many, many parents going through the same thing and I had no idea. The biggest lesson I have learned form this book so far is,  typical discipline that helps other children, WILL NOT work. It is vital to really understand your spirited child, in order to decipher the best way to deal with her. You have to completely change how you think about about her behavior.

Well, the psych major in me was able to wake up from the dead and get to work! I'm only half way through the book right now, but I have already started trying some new techniques after learning more about how Lily thinks. In my never ending quest to figure out what exactly I want to write about, I have decided that this journey is perfect! I get so excited with every new discovery, and every new good day I just want to share.

So that's my plan. I want to write about all my successes and failures with my "spirited child" because misery as well as excitement love company!