Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am the IPhone Mommy

I read a blog post yesterday called, "Dear Mom on the IPhone" and it was like a punch in the gut. She talked about how sometimes we may take our children to the park to play, and sit down on the bench to check our email, or Facebook. We think we have so earned this time. And while it is true that we do deserve some mommy time, she really made me see that that isn't it.

I love my phone, I'm an absolute social networking addict. But one day, I am going to look up, and my beautiful baby girl will be no where to be found. All too soon, she won't want to play with me any more, and will cringe if I'm anywhere near her. So why am I so aggitated when she tries to drag me off that park bench to climb the ladder with her, or help her down the slide. Is what any of my friends are talking about on Facebook more important then being completely in the moment with my child?

The other point that she made was that at some point, our children will start to believe that phone is more important then them. 'Don't bother mom, she's texting!". My mind was like a tumbleweed spinning through the wind. It starts with her not asking me to play with her, all the way to the time she really needs to talk to me about a boy who is pressuring her, but she sees me on my phone and walks away.

I am resolved not to let this happen. She will know that when she is with me, she is my priority. If she wants to climb up that ladder 77,000 times, I will be there with her. I will not miss one giggle, one smile, one squeal of joy, one discovery of some old candy in the sand. I want to see all of it.

I waited for 8 years for this child to come into my life, and she will likely be the only one. I will not miss out on what may seem like an insignificant moment, that could some day shape our entire relationship.

I absolutely deserve my mommy time, it's essential to being a good mom, but 30 minutes on my phone while Lily plays alone is not when I will take it anymore.

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  1. Ugh. I'm that way with my computer, writing blog posts, checking email and other blogs. I have been guilty of priding myself in staying off facebook, only to replace it with the computer and blogging--so what difference does it really make? I'm doing just like you said, ignoring my kids in favor of technology. And I lecture them about playing their DS or something else? Hypocrite, I am.

    Thanks for sharing. I needed this.

    I found you from Five Minute Friday, and was intrigued when I saw this post in your sidebar.

    Selena @