Friday, March 22, 2013

Can they ever just be little girls?

I read a blog post today that really hit home for me called "Raising Daughter in a world that Devalues Them" It's a controversial topic but worth exploring. I have no issue with Victoria's Secret, I love me some VS pjs, but to purposely design a provocative line of clothes aimed at our teenage girls is just a little much. My daughter is only 3 and I cannot believe some of the clothes they sell in her size. I'm like really? She's just a kid!

That sadder thing to me is that the writer had to shut off comments on her post because people were being hateful. "She doesn't agree with the status quo! Let's destroy her!" Wouldn't it be nice to be able to disagree with all the hostility? Anyway, I digress, here the link if your interested:

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  1. I didn't realize she had to turn off comments. That sucks!