Monday, June 24, 2013

3rd time is the charm???

Good byes are always hard. I despise them. I think whenever the military is going to separate me from my husband, I dread the good bye the most. Once its over, that clock starts ticking and I can concentrate on waiting for it to be over!

Well, this one as certainly been unique. The wonderfully organized and efficient army (try not to drown in the sarcasm) can't seem to get him on a flight, so for 3 weekends in a row, he has come home. And while I will never turn down a chance to see him, these good byes are killing me. They do not get any easier the second and third time. Its nuts!

Sigh...I'm just trying to enjoy this blessing of extra time, and remember that there is a reason...whatever that may be!

At the same time, I am saying good bye to many wonderful friends who are PCS ing. I'm a hot mess of emotion! Watch out!

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