Monday, July 1, 2013


It was the strangest thing. I walked into Barnes and Noble today, and wasn't forced to immediately race to the "choo choo" table. I actually had the ability to wander as I pleased, while sipping a caramel latte. Obviously, I was toddler free! 

Yet, for some reason, I still wondered into the children's section, thinking about what books I should buy Lily next. Then I remember how she threw "The Living Tree" across the room, and I cringed. She has no respect for books. In my world it is crime of unparalleled proportions to treat a book in such a way. I was always taught that they were to be cherished, and taken care of like antiques. Now they practically are. 

Like the rest of this technological generation, I love the convenience of my Kindle, but it just isn't the same. Will Lily ever get the chance to feel about books they way I do? I think that's why I still wonder into the children's section, and despite my energetically aggressive 3 year old, buy her as many of them as I can before she is only able to read on a computer screen. Before she doesn't even remember what a bookstore is.

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