Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do We Know Too Much?

Lately I am finding that after spending time on social media, Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever it may be, my anxiety level has jumped. I started really thinking about this and wondering if we just know too much.

30 years ago, when our parents were parenting, they weren't constantly bombarded with different articles and opinions on how they should be doing it or whether they are screwing up their kids doing things a certain way. They had friends and family whom they actually talked to. They didn't feel constantly judged because only they knew what went on in their own homes. Unless their was some major food recall on the news, they weren't being told how everything they choose to eat, drink or feed their kids was going to kill them. And yet somehow we survived?

And maybe worst of all, they weren't subjected to the sudden bravado of people hiding behind a keyboard. Some saying the most hideous and ugly things that they would never say to a persons face. Constant political articles on polarizing topics where you and your friends judge each other based on individual opinions on a given issue. Not only that but berating and personally attacking each other based on these opinions. Gone are the days of having a civilized argument over an issue, listening to each other, and respecting each others opinions.

I just honestly feel like we know too much. I love Facebook. Being a military wife it allows me to keep up with my friends and family whom are spread out all over the world. But all the other things in between that, have me anxiety ridden. When I really think about the things that stress me out, and can follow them back to an article I read or a comment someone made. What would I have been like 30 years ago, before the social media explosion, without everyone else's opinions of how I should eat, live, believe, or vote swimming around in my head. Without all the negativity.

I'm not saying their isn't an upside to some of the things we learn though social media, but I think we have to be careful how much we rely on it to form who we are and how we live.