Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book Review: the Oaks Remain by: Julia J Gibbs

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! In a generation so far separated from the struggles of the New Testament, Ms. Gibbs creates a world that young adults can relate to, and suffers the same struggles. In the vein of “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”, the story takes us into a dystopian society, where the people are separated in two races, the Simulacrum and the Friguscor. The Simulacrum, a race whose blood protects them, and the Friguscor, who begin dying and decaying from the moment of birth. While they live in the same world, The Simulacrum stay hidden in plain sight, as history has shown great atrocities against them by the Friguscors. When Veralee Harper breaks one of the most sacred laws created by The Simulacrum for their protection, her entire understanding of her people and their beliefs come into question. If there is a chance that the Friguscor can be saved, is it worth the risk? Thus begins an internal battle similar to that faced by the Jews who believed Christ was the Savior and those who did not. Veralee begins to realize that blindly following the ancient traditions and laws will not save them for the Friguscor. And as war approaches, those who follow the law will stop at nothing to follow it