About Me

I am a Christian
I am a mom
I am an army spouse
I am kinda crazy
I am possibly the only person who thinks I'm funny
I was born in Las Vegas
No, i didn't go to school in a casino
I adopted my 3 year old daughter as an infant
I have undiagnosed infertility
I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology
I am an accredited financial counselor
I love being married and my husband rocks
I say rocks a lot
I love to write, but I rarely do it
I'm a scrapbooker
I love working out, but I hate running
I love yoga
I love the Biggest Loser, especially Jillian Micheals
I love Modern Family
I'm addicted to Downton Abby
I love to read, i get totally lost in it
I read the Hunger Games before it was cool
I am team Edward
I love coffee
Seriously, I love coffee
I love Starbucks
I love Back the Future
Yes I'm old
No one believes how old I am so thats cool
My daughter is insane and I love it
I love music, I have an eclectic collection
I am a rock star in my car
I'm Italian
I love to budget anything
Army aviation rocks!
I'm a Scorpio
I love my bible studies
I love educating people about adoption
Am so blessed I sometimes cannot believe it!
I am really shy for someone who is so social
I am trying to be a Contagious Christian
Han shot first
LOVE Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book
The BBC mini series version of Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth, is the only acceptable movie adaption.
I really want a dog named Mr. Darcy but my husband won't have it


  1. Yes, Darcy is Colin Firth. And a dog named Mr. Darcy is the only acceptable name for a male dog. How old is old?

  2. Stopping by to get to know you. Glad you are joining us for the (in)courage session. Enjoying peaking around your place here.